Guilin Twin Peak Golf & Resort Club - Mountain View & Water View Course

Corse data
LocationGuilin, China
Yardage6607 yards Par 72
Course RatingNone
Playing Date14.09.2003
DesignerSui Zheng Yong
Golf CartYes (can run on fairways)
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Course Layout
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Greens Conditions
Fairways Conditions
Landscaping & Views

コースから見える山水画で有名な山々が重なる幻想的な風景The front nine holes have 3500 yards and are challenging but the back nine have a little less than 3100 yards and are very easy to play. This course is suitable for beginners but not for advanced players. Another disadvantage is that the greens are extremely slow. Guilin is well known for its lush green hills and mountains, majestic rivers, and exotic stones. You can enjoy seeing most of them, i.e., the picturesque scenery of Guilin while you are playing but the view inside the golf course itself is not that great.
3rd Par 3 237 yards

A short hole with great distance with an OB at the back of the green. A rocky mountain as well as a range of mountains on the back look fantastic and make this hole impressive.

3番 パー3 237ヤード
3rd Par 3 237 yards
8th Par 4 435 yards

The fairway is relatively tight and the second shot is uphill. The accuracy of a fairway wood is the key to success on this hole.

8番 パー4 435ヤード
8th Par 4 435 yards
10th Par 4 325 yards

A big downhill par 4 with very short distance but you get pressured by protruding trees that you can see from the tee. Actually the fairway is only 30 yards in width, so if you curve your ball to right or left a little, it end up the woods and you can not target the green for the next shot. A good tee shot will give you a birdie chance: otherwise; you might have a bogie or a double bogie.

10番 パー4 325ヤード
10th Par 4 325 yards
13th Par 5 496 yards

A downhill par 5. It is possible to hit the green in two. There is a pond on the left side of the green but otherwise it is a very easy hole. When you walk on fairway, you can see Guilin's beautiful mountains and you become deeply-moved by the view.

13番 パー5 496ヤード
13th Par 5 496 yards
17th Par 3 156 yards

Although it is an island green, it is not a difficult hole due to the large green and the downhill short distance to the hole. Willows overhanging the water are beautiful.

17番 パー3 156ヤード
17th Par 3 156 yards
19th hole

石景コース3番This club has 27 holes and another 9 holes called Rock View. This course utilizes small mountain terrains and golf carts can not be used because there are no paths for carts. The distance is only a little over 2700 yards for par 36 and it is too short to be challenging. However, it is excellent as a hiking trail thanks to the splendid views and moderate ups and downs. Especially the 3rd hole has great scenery, which makes you forget the problem of where to hit a tee-shot. This hole is also called "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", which was a Hollywood box office hit 3 years ago and was featuring Chow Yun Fat and I felt a Tiger & Dragon were hiding somewhere on the hole.

コース内にある石灰石でできた岩山A limestone rocky mountain was also interesting. This rocky mountain is a little inferior to the one in Templer Park GC, Malaysia that I played 3 months ago but it was amusing to hit from a tee one-third the way up a rocky mountain.